About Us

Multydrink International LLC is a USA company, we started a decade ago our dream and life project, it was to make a HEALTHY DRINK with the highest nutritional value possible and the perfect addition to a daily diet.

The first step was to select the ingredients, superfoods with great impact on our body’s health, so when we found them we made sure to get them under a certified organic agricultural process, one that guaranteed that the soil, water, fertilizer and harvesting routes were as natural Possible.

The result of this research after traveling around the world, was the selection of a group of PREMIUM superfoods of high quality and nutritional values.

In the other hand, to find an ideal vehicle for our superfood, we experimented with dozens of syrups and honey-based components, as a result, we found the blue agave honey and coffee honey. They created the perfect vehicle capable of protecting the active substances like no other. Thus, the amount of nutrients absorbed by our body at the end of the digestive process was ideal.

This is how MULTYDRINK was born.

We strongly believe in the importance of achieving health for a happy life.